Data conversion process may be one of the most encountered barriers in switching to another system, due to the risk of losing data or mis-migration.

Although conversion processes are difficult and complex and need considerable experience in the standards adopted, they save great time and effort when compared to input operations. EGPV is the first to undertake this step and has a great deal in the implementation of projects of data migration and the conversion to standard forms recognized in the Arab world.

  • We can convert your data to the MARC21 standard regardless of the system you are working on, as well as the services to refine and improve the quality of your data.
  • If you bought a digital repository, you do not need to index your holdings on the Dublincore standard. We can do this by converting your bibliographic records, whether according to MARC21 or non-standard recordings.
  • Finally, we offer data conversion to conform to the RDA descriptive indexing rules and be ready to convert to the latest standard in the world, Bibframe.
  • You can request data transfer services from EGPV. You can also send samples of your recordings to be converted and receive samples of converted recordings. We always work to serve the Arabic library and hope that all the libraries apply to standard systems that help both employees and researchers

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