A new start for the libraries of Misr al-Gedida Association to improve the efficiency of the services provided to the beneficiaries, and belief in the ability of open source software, which characterized many Libraries automation projects.

Misr al-Gedida public library is one of the most important and active public libraries in Cairo.

The library management system has been transformed from the ALIS system of the Council of Ministers into the KOHA Integrated Library Management System. Misr al-Gedida Association libraries consist of 4 public libraries serving adults and children.

The libraries are Heliopolis public library, Future Library – Child Museum Library and Asmarat neighborhood Library.

The number of holdings in libraries is more than 48,000 title and 70,000 copy and serves more than 5000 users.

The project was implemented by the Egyptian Prime Vision Which has been characterized by the largest projects of open source library systems projects in Egypt and the Arab world EGPV has converted the libraries data (bibliographies – copies – data of users) and migrate it to KOHA, the library teams were trained to use the system to the fullest, the online catalog interfaces were designed for each library Individually to give them privacy,  Egyptian Prime Vision provides technical support to libraries to ensure the stability of the system and its work to the fullest.

The Library of Heliopolis hopes to always be a cultural system and a cultural interface reflecting the interest of science, culture, and arts.

(Misr al-Gedida) New Egypt Association was established in 1981 to promote the life of New Egypt and to be a role model in the rest of Cairo, believing that popular participation in our modern world is playing a prominent and influential role in solving the problems suffered by the masses.

Some of the people Who were raised this ancient neighborhood work on establishing and forming an association to promote and preserve the heritage of New Egypt

Link to the library catalog is available online at  http://heliopolis.misrelgededa.com