As a decision maker or institution that wants to transform to an open source system, you may often wonder, what drives me to pay for a free system available on the Internet. As the open source software culture is absent in Arab world, so we wanted to make it simple.

In reference to the GNU General Public License (GPL) with its three versions and in view of the fifteenth clause of the license which begins with this sentence (THERE IS NO WARRANTY FOR THE PROGRAM)
It includes the following paragraph:

There is no guarantee for the program, to the allowed extent in law. Except cases otherwise stated in the writing of the copyright holders and / or other parties that provide the Software “as it is” without any kind of warranty, whether expressed or implied, including the that of Commercial marketing for a particular purpose. All responsibility and risks related to the quality and performance of the Software rest with you. In case of any risks you will be charged the cost of all necessary maintenance and repair.

If we look at this clause carefully, we can recognize how it important to find institutions or people who are very familiar with systems, installation, configuration, support and other related operations, that is not as simple as installing an Android market game on your mobile phone. The program may provide or perform important operations. This is the role of supporting companies and paid services providers that take full responsibility and ensure the continuity of system efficiency through technical support team. The customer will not feel it is really great value until there is a problem related to the system and its process, which may leave a negative impression about open source software.

We can benefit from services that provided by supporting companies to operate and support these systems, which include (consultancy – data conversion – system installation – systems configuration and policy settings – interface design – additional development – training – technical support services ), these services optimizing the use of open source software.

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