Consulting services

technical support

Egyptian Prime Vision offers a wide variety of consulting services concerning libraries and data centers by applying the latest technology including RFID for resources securing, physical and digital packages management systems, and digital repositories management systems, in addition to discovery tools and journal management systems.

Our consulting services include:

  • Planning

It encompasses developing plans concerned with digitization projects or libraries automation. Moreover, EGPV uses the latest technologies in analysis of running systems and workflow examination in institutes to give the best solutions within the resources available, in addition to giving feasibility studies for the upcoming projects.

  • Follow-up and oversight

Follow-up and oversight operations on different stages of the project ensure the continuity of the project on the right track to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, it ensures the quality and efficiency of all the works throughout the project’s duration, as well as giving regular reports and statistics and reviewing the project’s personnel during dictated period.

  • Reviewing

This service includes final review report and quality testing methods for the provided services to assure compatibility to the predetermined requirements and international standards. Additionally, project delivery reports are issued by experts and professionals in integrated, digitization, management, and acquisition securing systems plus reviewing and controlling the quality of technical works.