Digitization and publishing of physical periodicals



Scientific journals are one of the most famous and modern information media, issued regularly and periodically, which allows keeping abreast of developments and publishing the latest research in many areas. Due to the great boom in the use of the Internet, the great need to publish these journals through the Internet arose. In this regard, the internet-published scientific journals showed great success exceeding that of traditional paper-based journals. At this level, we were obliged to give one of the technological solutions to publish journals and make them available on the internet. Not only that, but we also manage the publishing process from tip to toe, beginning by sending, reviewing, and judging the researches and presenting its final form. Hence, we landed on the most famous periodicals management system in the world, Open Journal System (OJS). OJS was created within the Public Knowledge Project of University of British Columbia and developed in collaboration with Canadian Center of publishing studies and Simon Fraser University Library. Moreover, EGPV gives data migration services for classical journals to the electronic form and digitization of the earlier versions, in addition to creation of metadata for articles in data migration projects.