an Egyptian Company working in the field of information industry since 2013. With wide experience and qualifications to take out large scaled projects of library automation, and information services. We pay attention to embrace the suitable technologies coping with the real needs of the information institutions in the Arab world, within all technical processes of a library or an information institution, ex cataloging, Classification, media and collections preparing, and digitizing of information resources. including optimum use of trending open source technologies and up to date trends in information technologies. We proudly have the experience and the qualified human ware to provide our customers the best out of the technology.

mohammed el zlabany

Mohammed El-Zalabany

Founder and CEO of the Egyptian Prime vision institution,

a library and information management systems consultant, he has experience in the field of library and information management systems, digital repositories and technologies that applied in libraries and information centers for more than 18 years, he holds a master’s degree in library management systems from Cairo University, he participated in many Library Automation projects in the Arab world and works as a consultant for many libraries and information institutions in the Arab world. He is interested in entrepreneurship and open source systems, in addition to his participation in many seminars and scientific conferences in Egypt and the Arab world, Mohamed is a member of the Middle East Librarians Association (